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Create and Modify EER diagrams with MySQL Workbench

Reverse Engineer a Database to Extract ERD

Workbench adds a graphical user interface to MySQL. WHile the interface seems relatively simple it is actually quite powerful allowing users to accomplish complex tasks with a few clicks. One of the most powerful tools in Workbench allows users to graphically create data models and implement them. Even more powerful, is the ability to extract data models out of existing databases.

This reverse enineering of a database allows you to recreate any database and or modify and reimplement it with a few keystrokes. This tutorial covers:

  • Generate and EER (Enhanced Entity Relationship) Diagram with MySQL Workbench.
  • Export the diagram as a graphic
  • Use the diagram and resulting model to create and/or modify databases.
  • Push design modifications made graphically through to an existing database
  • Reverse Engineer Database
  • Forward Engineer Database
  • Synchronize Database

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Download the data and code.