Code School for Kids

Who we are

Alpha Bench is an extracurricular code school for school-aged students fourth grade through high school. Classes are limited to 8 students and students are grouped by age or in some cases ability. We offer instruction in Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Java. Alpha Bench focuses on building actual coding skills - by writing code. Upon completing our introductory course in programming, students will be ready to apply what they have learned and explore more advanced topics in programming. Students will be challenged think creatively and use concepts presented to solve problems with computer programs.

Why are you doing this

A couple years ago, my son wasn't getting enough out of school. I was looking for ways to challenge him so I enrolled him in one of the area "coding" camps for the February school vacation. But it turned out to be very disappointing - they didn't teach coding at all, they taught pointing clicking and dragging! He came away from the camp not knowing anything about actual programming. I thought, well I can do better than that. Drawing on my many years experience with programming and teaching, I decided to develop a Python curriculum aimed at kids that would ensure they learn programming. One of the first students in this extensively researched curriculum was my son - who now enjoys helping other kids learn how to code.

Matt Macarty

Alpha Bench was founded by Matt Macarty. Matt wrote his first program back in 1981! He has spent the past 15 years in Higher Ed and currently teaches at Bentley University in the Computer Information Systems department. In his capacity as a university professor he has taught courses in programming, quantitative methods, database development, information systems, systems analysis and design. His approach is to promote an engaging environment and foster creative thinking for problem solving.