Code. Models. Analysis. Decisions.

Who we are

Alpha Bench is an educational and data science consultancy specializing in process automation and problem solving solutions with Python, Database Management Systems and various modeling platforms. We also offer a variety of short format video tutorials and full length trainings. Alpha Bench focuses on reducing complex problems to clear understandable reuseable solutions with code.

Why are you doing this?

This all started a number of years back with a statistics course at university. During office hours I was innundated with students needing explanations of various statistical concepts. As I was sitting there explaining linear regression for the umpteenth time, it me struck how saying the same thing over and over again wasn't very efficient - so I decided to make a video. I posted the video to youtube, problem solved. I continued making videos for my students and then unexpectedly starting fielding questions from a much larger community of statistics students that found my videos on youtube. The feedback I received was favorable and so I set about producing more videos focused on solving problems with Python and Excel.

Matt Macarty

Alpha Bench was founded by Matt Macarty. Matt wrote his first program back in 1986! He has spent the past 15 years in Higher Ed and currently teaches at Babson College and Bentley University. In his capacity as a university professor he has taught courses in programming, quantitative methods, database development, information systems, systems analysis and design. In addition to academic endeavors he has worked on several SBIR research topics in machine learning for the Department of Defense.