Code. Models. Analysis. Decisions.

Introductory Python Curriculum

The goal of the beginning programming camp is to imbue learners with a strong foundation in programming skills, exposing learners to common programming patterns that can be leveraged to further the exploration of Python or will make applying similar concepts in other languages a breeze. Many of the topics will be covered in the context of creating simple computer games with actual code.


  • File and computer management concepts
  • Common command line interactions
  • How programs work and how to write code
  • Common patterns, variables, control structures, data and data structures
  • Testing and Debugging
  • structures, branching, looping, etc.
  • Concepts in algorithm development
  • Procedural and Functional programming
  • Introductory Object-oriented programming
  • How to write (relatively simple) computer games
  • Where to go for next steps
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