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Sensitivity (What-if) Analysis with Excel

For versions of Excel: Excel for Office 365, Excel for Office 365 for Mac, Excel 2016, Excel 2016 for Mac, Excel 2013, Excel 2011 for Mac, Excel 2010, Excel 2008 for Mac, Excel 2007

One Variable Data Table

Data tables are a built-in tool in Excel that allow you to "stress test" spreadsheet model outputs by automatically recalculating the output value under various assumptions. Data Tables allow you test "what-if" scenarios independently of the case model. For example you might want to test the impact of changing price or cost on profit.

Calculate Multiple Results with Data Table

As the name suggests a one variable or one way data tables allow you the change one input and examine the impact on an output. Results can be graphed or have conditional formatting applied for easy interpretation.

You can download the spreadsheet used in this tutorial here