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Command Line Essentials

For MAC OS Windows and Linux

Part II in Command Line series

Click for Part I, Top 10 Command Line tools

If you are working with data chances are you will need to learn how to interact with the command line or terminal. Long before there were graphical user interfaces(GUI) that allow point, click, drag and drop there were short programs designed to help people get common tasks done quickly and efficiently. Initailly written for the UNIX operating system, these programs are still around today and work for MAC, Windows (best with a bash emulator) and Linux.

The advent of GUI made these tasks look easier to the casual user, but actually many common tasks are accomplished much more quickly and efficiently from the command line. This video is the first part in a series on working with the command line and introduces the most common commands for working with files. Including:

This tutorial covers more advanced tools and introduces the idea of basic data cleaning and preprocessing with one line commands.

  • Downloading data and files
  • Determining word counts and other basic text analytics
  • Transforming data
  • Introduction to regular expressions
  • Shortcuts for working quickly and efficiently