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Amortization Tables

Confidence Intervals


Correlation Matrix

Correlation in Python

Correlation in R

Data analysis in Python

Data analysis in R

Descriptive Statistics in Excel

Descriptive Statistics in SPSS

Independent Samples t-test

Jupyter Support for R

Lookup tutorial

Linear Programming Optimization

Linear Regression in SPSS

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo with Python

Monte Carlo with Palisades @Risk

NPV & IRR with Excel

Paired Samples t-test in Excel

Paired Samples t-test in Minitab

Pandas DataFrames

Pandas rolling method

Pandas Stock Price Analysis

PMT Function

Pivot Tables in Excel

Python Number Game

Python Drawing Stars


Regression (visualization)

Scatter Plots

T.TEST function

Two-tail Hypothesis Test in R


Spreadsheet Documentation Tools (formula comment, etc.)

The link below is to an Excel Macro enabled workbook. This file contains Macros, and should generally be run as an Addin. Click the instructions link for a complete description of the contents and installation instructions.

Documentation Tools


Linear Programming Optimization

Two product mix

Monte Carlo Simulation Spreadsheets

Portfolio Simulation

Stock Price Simulation

Stock Price Analysis Spreadsheet


Scatter Plots & Correlation

Scatter & Correl with Excel

Correlation with Python

Confidence Intervals

Confidence template

Python Files

Number guessing game

It's full of stars!
(this version has some added logic so you can run the graphic as many times as you want)

Click on the link then copy and paste the code into a new file in idle. Save the file and run.


T.TEST Function